Last Entry of the Year

Last blog entry of the year and there’s too many things to write about. Do I summarize what’s passed? Or do I focus on the future? Neither is appealing today. Maybe a couple concise statements.

This past year I feel my writing took a leap forward. Many factors contributed but the biggest reason was simply being dedicated to writing. In my mind I should have written more than I did. But as I examine the work I produced it was quite a lot. The second reason, I’ll say, was being interested in improving and less focused on results. In the end only one project reached completion. However I’m set up to finish a number of things in 2013.

And that’s all I have to say about the future. I’ve set myself up to have three screenplays and a rewrite of my play finished and I’m on pace to finish my first novel. I guess that’s a way to see 2012 as a success even though not a single word I wrote put a dime in my pocket.

As for directing, my only credit this year is the reading of my play at Directors Co. I need to improve on that for the new year.

So my creative resolutions for 2013:
Finish all incomplete projects not counting projects in stages of development.
To get out and direct more.
To find ways of feeling less alone in these endeavors.

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~ by Kevin T. Morales on December 31, 2012.

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  1. thats impressive!

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