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I took a pretty long break there. I’m proud to report I haven’t been writing in my blog because I’ve been writing. I finished a screenplay I started with the intention of submitting it to the Black List and submit it I did. Here’s the logline, that I’m still trying to improve:

The Figure Of A Woman (Horror/Mystery & Suspense/ Supernatural Thriller) During a black-out at a secluded boarding school, three boys compete for a new girl’s attention by sharing personal ghost stories. When she joins the fun, her creepy recollection reveals a sinister secret.

It’s 103 pages, takes place at the Athenian School in 1989 and it was so much fun to write. I had a reading of it at Ripley-Grier with some fantastic actors who really helped me sharpen it and now I’m waiting to see what the Black List readers rank it. If it does well, maybe some folks who are interested in that kind of film will pick it up. Probably not. But I’m very happy to have accomplished part of my creative resolutions for the year which was to upload one script, and my goal is two more for the year.

How’s the novel coming? Good.  I’ve slowed down mostly because the aforementioned screenplay which I wanted to make sure was complete in time for Sundance submission. The novel is a great back ground project, and one of the first things I’ve ever done that I feel my momentum doesn’t affect my ability to write it. I always pick up right where I left off and it comes out quite easily when I focus on it.

And what about your play, you want to ask. I am almost done with the rewrites and I have a meeting next week with the Directors Co. to discuss it’s future which I’m hoping includes a mid May presentation for a few producers. Thanks to great suggestions and inspiration from seeing “Golden Boy” on Broadway as well as “Lucky Guy” I’m adding two actors and a new character. Originally I was trying to keep the cast as small as possible, but I kind of shot myself in the foot. I’m going to go ahead and add the character I need to to increase the conflict and not worry about two of the roles doubling like they did before. If the play ran for a year on Broadway then I’ve probably increased the operating expense by $140k but that’s hardly a deal breaking number.

So that’s the update. I’ve already begun the next script to upload to Black List, but my number one priority now is THE PLAY. Who is getting a title change. More on that later.

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~ by Kevin T. Morales on April 6, 2013.

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  1. What a powerhouse! I’m proud!

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