5 comments on “Proof-of-concept

  1. Many thanks Kevin for starting this series of blog posts documenting the process for your series, “Utopia, TX.” I think I read the script some time ago but remember it more as a thriller than as “incredibly political.” Maybe I just don’t remember it as well as I thought (which is likely in any case:-) or did you make changes to it? In any case, you are a terrific writer and I’m looking forward to more.

    • I’m not sure which version you read, David, but until very recently it had a lot more “thriller” elements going for it while also being a 60 minute pilot. But much of that evolved from readers suggesting to raise stakes, and up the conflict which when I executed diminished the satire almost completely. I’ve tried to take it back to the original idea.

  2. Best of luck with all of it. And keep that positive energy and attitude about it an it will be a success no matter what. Best Patrick

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  3. I’m glad you’re doing this, Kevin. I’ve always seen it as satire, and could never wrap my head around it as a thriller. I think you’ll be able to convey the tone and humor better this way and predict that you’ll get a lot of “ohhhhhhh, now I get it” responses to the finished product.

    • And what’s funny is all the reads and all the staged readings the only type of person who has trouble with the tone/comedy is white dudes. Not all white dudes. But only white dudes.

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