4 comments on “Professional Production Value: why does it matter?

  1. Thanks for the interesting post, Kevin. Sounds like you are dealing with the kinds of production details I wish I knew more about.
    How do you decide approximately how much to spend? For example, do you have a budget for how much you want to spend, then trim it down to what is affordable?

    • The first thing you do is decide how much you can raise, conservatively. Another factor is how much time you can spend on the project. It will cost more to make a deadline than if you have no deadline. The final factor is deciding what the bare minimum you need to pull of the project at the quality you want.

  2. When I applied for my First Real Job I was broke. But I scrounged up the money for a suit, a good pair of shoes, and a decent haircut because I knew that first impressions mattered and I needed to look the part to get the part.

    So I’ll be there for you when it’s time to fundraise. I’ll have twenty bucks, but still… I’ll be there!

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