3 comments on “Stranger Things #TVstudyhall

  1. That went by so fast! If you had a chance to read the pilot, and if you’ve watched the series, you see the Duffers actually took some action out of pilot and extended it to next episode. This strikes me as an advantage to knowing you are making an entire season and dropping it all at once. Series has more patience than the script.

  2. Hello, everyone. As I am in the process of writing my own pilot, there is one thing in particular I am searching for as I watch existing pilots: What are the A, B and C stories, how are they initiated and to what extent are they set up in the pilot? Although I have seen the entire series, I watched the pilot again today trying, as best I could, to ignore the fact that I know how it plays out. With that in mind, it appears all story lines emerging are tied to the search for Will. I’m guessing the obvious choice for story A is Joyce, Will’s mother. What will she endure and how will she change are what I’m most interested in as a viewer because we know Will is not showing up any time soon. Jim, the Sheriff, shows up early enough and we get a sense of what his life is like to make me think he is B. He is going to have to come around and deal with his issues if he wants to be a factor in finding Will. The third one is a little trickier for me. I’m going to guess C is the boys as a group. They have the intelligence and curiosity (not to mention Will is their friend) to handle their role in peeling apart the mystery that greets them. I welcome any feedback and comments regarding this angle of breaking down a pilot. Please set me straight, if necessary as I am trying to learn.

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